Grace in Friendships

Grace in Friendships.

I so appreciate the message in this post. I am thankful for friends who extend grace to me even though I am sure my foibles drive them crazy. I have also found that the friendships that have lasted the longest are filled with exactly that: grace. Those friendships that were based on convenience or similar circumstances (work, clubs, activities, etc) often were superficial, or didn’t last because we just didn’t stay in touch. There are also other friendships and acquaintances where reconnecting added to the weaving of our lives and created a new pattern. All have been blessings as I learned to BE a friend, not just take from the relationship.

Thank you Susan for putting into words so eloquently what I have felt about my friends who continue to hold me up and pray for me, even when I stumble. (And yes, I do pray for them as well! It’s a two -way deal!)

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