She fiddled with her phone, glaring at the screen. “What the heck? My screen’s black!” Tossing it back in the bag, she concentrated on her driving. “This day is ending badly. Just as badly as it started.”

Pulling into the ATM drive-thru, she inserted her card in the machine. Touching buttons to check the balance first, the receipt printed out and she snatched it, then sucked in her breath.


The receipt read, “Contact distributor of card. Balance 0”

She sped home, throwing her bags on the floor and tossing her coat into the closet. The dog yelped as he was clobbered by her trying to slam the door shut.  He scooted over to her daughter and hid under the chair.

“I take it you had a bad day?” Kiddo looked up from her homework.

“in a manner of speaking, yes.” 

I really just want to scream and yell a the top of my lungs right now!!!!

“Dad left a plate for you in the refrigerator. He’s at a meeting again.”

“Did he say how late he would be?” Another meeting? Wonder what’s up with that?


Sighing, she sat at the computer and pulled up her bank account.

Well, at least there’s still money in the account. What’s this message?

“Oh, for crying out loud…I’m such a dope!”


“I cut up the wrong card.” She sighed. “I should have read my messages first.”

“What is it you are always saying? Read the directions?” Her daughter grinned.

“Yep. Exactly.” Signing off the screen, she pushed her chair back. “And don’t drop your phone on a tile floor. Even with a protective case, it definitely does not bounce.”

*                                 *                                  *


Ok, folks. This is sooo not working for me. I have decided I like reading better than writing. The above is definitely a practice run and not anything I would seriously put into a novel.  It provided some outlet for my momentary  fit of frustration, but for an actual piece, it definitely is no winner. I’m bored to tears reading it. Somehow I can’t interject other stuff and change events to make it something usable (which was my original thought when I started). Guess we can chalk this one up to “What NOT to write about!”  And I am still not up to 500 words. Not good. Not good at all. I have failed the challenge miserably; being ill with bronchitis in the interim did not help. And coming up with 500 words/day has shown me I definitely have a long ways to go. I’ve been busy reading, but not much else. Just do not have the inspiration or energy. I keep thinking of everything else I want to do. What. was. I. thinking?

On the bright side, I am now approximately 50 words from 500…more than I have done in a while. Gotta start somewhere.

Hopefully others are finding this beneficial. The challenge, I mean.






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