I really don’t like having the family going all different directions on a weekend. Maybe that’s a symptom of my insecurity, but it just doesn’t “feel” quite right to be at one function (required due to a year-long obligation I consented to participate in–an honor, yet with many more obligations that I realized), while my husband and youngest daughter were across the state at his family reunion (another obligation which, as erstwhile president of the reunion committee, his presence was required). Eldest daughter was working–yes, another obligation. I returned home late last night, she was in bed resting since her report time was early this a.m. Then, she awakens me at 6:30 saying she doesn’t feel well. Ah. So maybe it was just as well I had a reason to not travel the same direction–she would have been stranded without support. Yes, we could have communicated by phone and I could have given her the same advice, but for her it was important to have me physically present. And maybe it was important for me too. Like any mother whose young are fledging, I want to still feel needed (who doesn’t?), but also pray that she will make wise decisions. She’s growing and learning, they both are, and it has been a joy and privilege to guide them.  

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