How to Bounce Back From Failure – Michael Hyatt

I personally believe that it is in times of failure, that the most important lessons are learned. You find the drive within yourself to get back up, to persevere, to keep going. 
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Even though this article is written from a “business” perspective , it is also true of health care professionals dealing with the stresses of work. When patients die in spite of the best efforts of the health care team, we view that as failure, because our goal is healing and returning patients to their loved ones whole. Often we cannot accomplish that, and we become filled with self doubt.

Taking care of ourselves is more important than ever. If we don’t, who will?

New Challenges

So, I’ve finished the Apprentice Level in Jerry Jenkins’ Christian Writer’s Guild and followed umpteen blogs about writing. My blog posting has been dismal at best. But the only way to get in the habit of writing is to, well, write, doggone it! So, I am joining the “My 500 words: A Writing Challenge” via Jeff Goins’ blog/writing site. Hoping the free writing and prompts will help jumps tart my creativity. But I don’t think I will do it all on my smartphone – my thumbs will be worn to nubbins! (In between throwing the ball for my poor neglected pooch who hates being alone all day!)