When You Pray But God Doesn’t Answer With The Miracle – Ann Voskamp

Some lean over gravestones and say: The miracle didn’t happen. And others lean over gravestones and say they got their miracle because she was a miracle, and getting to love her was a wonder, and every moment together was a miracle of grace and there is no other was to explain the extraordinary
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Our family recently received a miracle in the birth of a healthy granddaughter. But so many times we have had heartbreak of our own. Feeling supremely grateful this morning, for every miracle I have ever received.

Tomorrow is indeed another day


Just in a rather pensive mood today. I retired last Wednesday, and our first granddaughter was born Saturday. Some scary moments but she and her mama are home and healthy. So many thoughts swirling today in the midst of my migraine haze.

Left unchecked, my imagination can frequently get the better of me. Gee, wonder where my girls’s anxiety comes from? I wonder what I could have done differently, maybe better, and realize that I need to focus on what I did right. Seeing some evidence of that now. As darling first daughter and her husband learn and connect with their precious baby, I have every confidence that her dad and I, “son’s” parents planted seeds that are coming to fruition. A miracle in itself.

Another Mom’s Longing

Just finished reading Ann Voskamp’s post over at (in)courage and my heart is full. With two teenage daughters who are vivacious, inquiring, inspiring, and yes, sometimes challenging in their own ways, I pray for guidance for me and for them. So thankful that their daddy supports us with a wisdom I have never possessed. I am thinking of the torch passing from one to another and wonder, like many who have commented on Ann’s post, “Have I done enough? Did I do and say the right things? Can they forgive me for the times I’ve messed up?”

Hoping if you read this you will also read Ann’s post and be blessed.



Psalm 100:4: “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise; be thankful unto him, and bless his name.”