Ready or Not

Ready or Not.

Whether on trails or just sitting at a desk, this is great advice!

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http://In the Shadow of SinaiIn the Shadow of Sinai by Carole Towriss
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Loved this introductory historical novel. It is not often a Christian author chooses the Old Testament as story backdrop, but through careful research and well-crafted writing, Mrs. Towriss puts the reader squarely in the midst of the Hebrews as they began their exodus from Egypt. Her characters are real, not just figureheads from the distant past, and yet her story is biblically accurate. Loved this book, and also loved its sequel, By the Waters of Kadesh, which was published in November of 2013. Looking forward to more from this excellent author.

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“Am I Enough?”

“Am I Enough?”.


Beautiful post. Such a familiar feeling to many mommas I’m sure, whether they stay at home full time or whether they hold an outside job as well.

And, with our daughters now 21 and nearly 17, I still wonder, “am I enough? ” Have I done enough, have I failed in some respects, and if so, it’s too late now. Dangerous thoughts that lead me down a path of negativity. I have to stop and remember that it is not about me. God has a plan, and sometimes we can’t always see exactly what it is. So, yea, I’ve goofed here and there. But so thankful for my precious gifts of my grown girls.

Mother’s Day Celebration”

So excited to read @bonniegray ‘s new book! What a celebration for my on-line friend who has prayed and battled through some very tough emotions.

My family will be celebrating this Sunday with both moms, his and mine, and my sister in law and her family-at a restaurant where our youngest daughter now works. She is working this Sunday. Her first job. And this momma is wondering where the time went! I am so thankful for all the Mothers Days we have celebrated together, even the ones where I was working myself on the actual day and we celebrated on a different day, because my mother refused to allow the family to take her out without me along. So we will have a large group gathering at a table,  and none of us moms will have to cook or clean up the dishes. And we will be thankful for time together in our busy lives.

A Tough Job Description

Recently a video has gone viral that talks about “The most difficult job ever”. I watched it yesterday afternoon after seeing the header pop up on my Facebook page repeatedly. Many of my friends commented that it made them cry, that it was a “must see”. I have become skeptical in my old age about this “must see” phrase, but I bit on it anyway.  And yes it was touching. By the time the narrator says the part about no breaks, no vacations, and no pay, I had a pretty good hunch what the job was and was reaching for the tissue box. The reactions of the folks who were “interviewing” for this job ranged from sheepish grins to full-on tears. I teared up a little myself thinking of my own mother, who is having health issues that are a significant threat.

But the real tears hit me this morning when my soon-to-be 20 year old posted the link on Twitter and tagged me in her tweet. This young lady puts up a tough front,  and usually is not the publicly sentimental type. But out of the blue this morning, she thought of me. Like many young folks these days, she is busy with her agenda, feels the need to exert her independence, and doesn’t always communicate except when she needs something. Her post hit me as an early Mother’s Day card. She may have just wanted to make sure I saw the video because she knows I’m sentimental, but I’ll take it anyway!
And, there we have what the creators intended: a reminder to tell your mom thanks. And perhaps for some it’s a sad reminder of what their mother isn’t/wasn’t.  But it reiterates what I always heard my mother saying as I was growing up: “A mother’s job is never done.”
I want to be a blessing and a tribute to her hard work. I know my children are a blessing to me. And THAT is a payment far beyond any tangible benefits like paychecks and paid vacation.

I Always Hated My Arms

Insightful perspective.


Written by Emily

Yesterday I made bread with my mom. She sprinkled the counter with flour and dropped a wad of yeasty dough at my fingertips.

“Knead it for at least 7 minutes,” she instructed. “Do you know how to knead?”

I did. I’ve seen my fair share of Food Network shows.

I pushed the dough forward with the base of my palms and pulled it back with my fingertips. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. I fell into a rhythm.


As I watched the dough move and change, my arms worked. I could feel them tense and tighten as the dough loosened. Those arms. My arms.

I always hated them.

I coveted lean, toned arms in a way that should have made me run for the nearest confessional. I was convinced there was something in my genetic make-up that made it impossible for me to achieve a sculpted shoulder–short of buying…

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Faith, Words, Actions (A repost from my other blog)

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” -James 2:26 (NKJV)

We hear a lot during the Lenten season about giving up and becoming closer to God in the process. Even if your faith tradition does not observe the Lenten practice of forgoing a certain meal, food item, or favorite caffeinated creation from your local barista, the talk and the thoughts are still present. Many bloggers talk about their mission works, their experiences during their morning devotions, or what they are currently teaching their youngsters.

And I flounder.

I thought long and hard this year about actually giving up something for Lent, because many of my friends follow this practice. But, “the flesh is weak,” and the thought of going without caffeine sends me running to my coffee pot. (Glad I never started smoking!) And, several of my online friends who do NOT follow Lenten practices (i.e., fellow church members), made some interesting statements about the practice which I found not necessarily uplifting. Some were joking, but I knew to repost those jokes would be offensive to my friends who DO observe Lent.

And there we have it. Do we really NOT observe Lent by not fasting/giving up something? Easter looms large on the calendar for Christians, and I honestly believe we should be more observant of what the Lenten season means. Ann Voskamp puts it eloquently in her blog “A Holy Experience”–

can’t seem to follow through in giving up for Lent.

Which makes me want to just give up Lent.

Which makes me question Who I am following.

Which may precisely be the point of Lent.

I totally get that. So today as I head in to deal with some work issues, I pray for my tongue to be stilled, and for my heart and mind to remember these words: “Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” (James 3:18, NKJV) I may not be serving in overseas missions, but my words and actions towards those around me may be enough of a mission right now, considering my history of having an unbridled tongue.

Blessings to you who may read this…


(I also have a blog over on Blogger titled “Nursemom’s Musings” , which is where I originally posted this today.”

Seeds of Hope

Excellent article. When Renee talks about feeling like “the farmer who scatters seed”, it reminds me that God is the one who inspires and nurtures. Even for all of our efforts, sometimes the seed just doesn’t grow and flourish, yet many times it blossoms beyond what we imagine.

Lessons from a Kansas graveyard: What a 1903 outbreak of diphtheria can teach us today

Lessons from a Kansas graveyard: What a 1903 outbreak of diphtheria can teach us today.


This cannot be repeated enough. Cemeteries in my area also have grave markers bearing the names of those who died in diphtheria outbreaks; my grandmother talked about surviving whooping cough. She also talked about how wonderful it was that none of her grandchildren had to suffer from it or diphtheria, thanks to vaccines. How soon we forget…


She fiddled with her phone, glaring at the screen. “What the heck? My screen’s black!” Tossing it back in the bag, she concentrated on her driving. “This day is ending badly. Just as badly as it started.”

Pulling into the ATM drive-thru, she inserted her card in the machine. Touching buttons to check the balance first, the receipt printed out and she snatched it, then sucked in her breath.


The receipt read, “Contact distributor of card. Balance 0”

She sped home, throwing her bags on the floor and tossing her coat into the closet. The dog yelped as he was clobbered by her trying to slam the door shut.  He scooted over to her daughter and hid under the chair.

“I take it you had a bad day?” Kiddo looked up from her homework.

“in a manner of speaking, yes.” 

I really just want to scream and yell a the top of my lungs right now!!!!

“Dad left a plate for you in the refrigerator. He’s at a meeting again.”

“Did he say how late he would be?” Another meeting? Wonder what’s up with that?


Sighing, she sat at the computer and pulled up her bank account.

Well, at least there’s still money in the account. What’s this message?

“Oh, for crying out loud…I’m such a dope!”


“I cut up the wrong card.” She sighed. “I should have read my messages first.”

“What is it you are always saying? Read the directions?” Her daughter grinned.

“Yep. Exactly.” Signing off the screen, she pushed her chair back. “And don’t drop your phone on a tile floor. Even with a protective case, it definitely does not bounce.”

*                                 *                                  *


Ok, folks. This is sooo not working for me. I have decided I like reading better than writing. The above is definitely a practice run and not anything I would seriously put into a novel.  It provided some outlet for my momentary  fit of frustration, but for an actual piece, it definitely is no winner. I’m bored to tears reading it. Somehow I can’t interject other stuff and change events to make it something usable (which was my original thought when I started). Guess we can chalk this one up to “What NOT to write about!”  And I am still not up to 500 words. Not good. Not good at all. I have failed the challenge miserably; being ill with bronchitis in the interim did not help. And coming up with 500 words/day has shown me I definitely have a long ways to go. I’ve been busy reading, but not much else. Just do not have the inspiration or energy. I keep thinking of everything else I want to do. What. was. I. thinking?

On the bright side, I am now approximately 50 words from 500…more than I have done in a while. Gotta start somewhere.

Hopefully others are finding this beneficial. The challenge, I mean.






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