Friday Fun Facts: Louisa May Alcott the Tomboy

I always enjoy learning little tidbits about famous people, especially authors whom I admire. Ms. Alcott is no exception. As a youngster, I was not a tomboy by a long stretch. But Jo was the character I identified with the most in Little Women. She was passionate about her beliefs, loved her family fiercely, and secretly I longed to be as strong as she was. Well, I’m still working on that. I can be fierce when it comes to my cubs, and have been accused of being a bit too impassioned when dealing with stressful situations at work.
Another similarity: Jo cut her hair in order to obtain funds for her family, a rash decision for a woman at the time. Two years ago, I also made a rash decision to cut 13 inches from my hair–by myself. Parted it in two ponytails and whacked. I was having a particularly difficult day, and for some reason, something set me off and I decided that was the night. My oldest daughter shrieked when I entered the family room holding the 2 pelts like a trophy: “Is that my birthday present???” (I think we were arguing over something she wanted, and it was shortly before midnight on the eve of her 18th birthday). It did become a present of sorts; I mailed it to Locks of Love and then a few days later slunk into the hair salon and had it trimmed up professionally. I also have kept it short since then;I was 6 months past 50 at the time, and it seemed like a rite of passage into my golden years. (No gray yet–I’m sure my time is coming!)

In this season of thankfulness, I am thankful for many things. But Deborah’s post reminded me of an author that I need to revisit–I’m thankful to have an appreciation for good reads!

Plowing the Fields

Louisa May Alcott was born on this day in 1832. Family friends included Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. She never married and was a tomboy, like Jo in her most well-known novel Little Women. After her sister died shortly after childbirth, she raised her niece. She also later adopted a nephew. Early in her writing career, she wrote under the pen names Flora Fairfield and A. M. Barnard.

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