When Relevance Becomes Trendy (Giveaway Post!)

Good post. I am blessed with a church that is really seeking God’s will. The issues I’ve had have been me, not my church body as a whole.

Pure Purpose

Relevance is a hot word, especially in the church. We want to be relevant, but do we really know what that means and looks like in everyday life and ministry?

FrontIn their new book, Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore, Thom and Joani Schultz point out,

Relevancy isn’t the worship pastor showing his tattoo on stage. Relevance isn’t serving fair-trade coffee in your lobby. Relevance isn’t showing the latest popular movie clip during a sermon. True spiritual relevance is seeing God in the matters at hand. Seeing God in my life. Is it possible to create a church environment where people truly experience God all the time? Is it possible for church to be known as more in touch than out of touch? Is it possible for the church to become known as the most relevant place to go on Sunday?

My answer? Absolutely YES! But it’s…

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