Who Do You Belong To?

Isn’t it interesting how people always want to associate us with businesses and things, rather than whom we ultimately work for?

Pure Purpose

whoseareyouI worked for a publishing company for several years and traveled extensively around the country, attending conferences and presenting workshops and trainings. I almost always wore a logo-ed shirt of some kind, because name recognition is important in marketing. What I said needed to be connected to who I was representing.

I built a lot of relationships during the season I worked with the publishing company. Many people got to know me personally through my association with the publishing company. I personally ministered to many people as I worked on behalf of the publishing company. I fit in well with the company. I respected the leaders of the company. But I ran into an unforeseen issue when I no longer worked for the company. When people saw me, they saw the company I had represented. My identity was intricately tied with the company.

It was almost as if I went…

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