A family is hurting as they have lost someone very precious. One of their friends wrote this, and I would like to share it.


In the aftermath of this very sad day, many in the Facebook community have shown great compassion and comfort to the Pearson family, as little Paxten breathed her last.  Much of the input has included the notion that Paxten is God’s newest angel.  Surely, this is good news.  Surely, this is comforting and reassuring.  God has not abandoned Paxten.

But there is much better news.

Paxten is not an angel.  Heaven forbid.  God’s plan for humans was never to make them into angels.  As humans, we are not incomplete – not beings who need to undergo a metamorphosis to achieve our full potential.  Humans, not angels, were created in the image of God.  And when God took on flesh, it was human flesh.

Of course, all of this is from the Christian perspective.  You can believe what seems reasonable and attractive to you, though I would argue that the traditional…

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  1. shauna
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 19:32:11

    If you scroll over the link at the top, it will take you to the full post.


  2. Kat LaMantia
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 07:29:10

    This is a wonderful way of seeing through the tears. Thank you.
    Kat @ Calling Shotgun


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